Dr. Gwen A. Finestone, MFT, PhD, CT




Individual, couples, adults, and teens.

It has been my experience that people ask essentially the same questions:

  • What am I going to do with my life?     
  • How do I get where I am going?     
  • How do I get through this painful time?     
  • What can I do to be happier?

     My goal is to accompany you, teach you, mentor you, and help you on your journey through this moment in your life.

     Whether your issues fall into the traditional categories of psychotherapy (e.g., depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, grief, divorce issues, behavioral problems, etc.), or areas requiring specialized training or expertise (e.g., the erotic minorities---sexual fetishes, SM, BD, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, etc.), or spiritual or religious issues (e.g., clergy abuse, meaning and purpose, spiritual direction), together we will discover the best way to bring out the BEST YOU. 

If these statements describe you, you might benefit from professional assistance: 
  • Perhaps you feel something is missing from your career, health, or relationships.  
  • Maybe you know your purpose, but you just can't seem to manifest it. 
  • Life seems like a struggle and it's hard to find a reason to get up in the morning. 
  • It seems that others possess the skills to be happy, but you don't. 

     I use psychotherapy, hypnosis, guided visualization, humor, instruction, philosophical discussion, and education to help you discover and manifest your potential.  My goal is to help you achieve the success in life, career, relationships, and good health that you want.

FORMAT:   In-person only.  Approximately 45-50 minutes once a week.              

FEE:          May be adjusted, based on financial need.  Call to discuss. 



     If you have a troubled marriage or romantic relationship, then you will require therapy (aka marriage counseling, couple's therapy). 

     I have plenty of tools and skills with which to help you repair, build, and grow your marriage/relationship.  Your relationship is probably not as bad as you think it is, and couple's counseling doesn't have to be as scary as you might think it will be.  Together we can help you create the relationship that you want.

FORMAT:  In-person only.  Approximately 45-50 minutes once a week.  

FEE:        May be adjusted, based on financial need.  Call to discuss. 



Loss Issues
Trauma:  childhood abuse, rape, incest, cult abuse, combat
Sexual Issues and Erotic Minorities
Spiritual Issues: clergy abuse, faith, meaning and purpose


     Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, dissociation, chronic depression, and anxiety are HIGHLY RESISTANT TO CHANGE.  Depression, in particular, is extremely resistant to treatment, yet, through a combination of psychotherapy, hypnosis, vitamins, herbs, and education, all of my chronically-depressed clients have conquered their depression.          

     If you, or someone you know, suffers from chronic depression or anxiety, call me.  Counseling and/or hypnosis may open up a brighter future.                 

     In and of itself, psychotherapy (without hypnosis or medications) can be very beneficial in treating
PTSD, trauma, depression, and anxiety.  In the skilled hands of an experienced therapist, a client can reasonably expect to have a good future.  However, if the problem is bio-chemical (and of course, it will be after months and years of living with depression), and we do not address the bio-chemical changes in the body, then conducting psychotherapy alone is a lot like pushing back the ocean with a Dixie cup.           

    Just for the record, I am not a major fan of anti-depressants: too many side-effects, too expensive, and, frankly, prescribing is a process of trial and error. I am happy to provide you with information regarding respected natural ways of dealing with the bio-chemical after-effects of depression and trauma.  However, if you want an anti-depressant, a mood-elevating drug, or something for anxiety, you will need to see an M.D., which includes internists, psychiatrists, and your primary care physician.             


"Can you write a prescription for my meds?"

No.  Marriage & Family Therapists cannot write drug prescriptions in the state of California, nor are we allowed to practice medicine, however, we can (and are expected to) educate, provide resources, and recommend referrals.  With that in mind, if you would like a copy of an educational document that I give clients, entitled BIOLOGICAL CAUSES OF DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY, please email me at DrGwenFinestone@gmail.com.

"Do both of us have to come Marriage  or Couples Counseling ?"  

No.  "They" say one person can change the world, so, surely one person can begin to change a relationship, yes?

"Do you work with Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, or polyamorous relationships?

Yes, and I have done so for entirety of my career. 

"Will our insurance cover marriage counseling?"

Inasmuch as it is marriage/couples counseling, they should provide benefits.  However, it depends upon your insurance company and specific policy.  Some provide benefits only for individual counseling.  Some cover marriage counseling, but not family counseling.  Some cover for 10 sessions, 15 sessions, or 40 weeks. Call your provider to determine coverage limits.

"Do you accept insurance payments?"

Clients are expected to pay for services when they are rendered.  I am not any insurance panels and I do not accept co-pays. I will, however, complete the required insurance claims form and we will submit it for reimbursement directly to you for mental health services.  

Change your attitude, change your life. 

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