Dr. Gwen A. Finestone, MFT, PhD, CT

Erotic Minorities

Sex therapy is a required part of every Marriage and Family Therapist's graduate education. 
However, advanced education in human sexuality is not required.  

Human sexuality, in all of its expressions, is an ongoing focus of my advanced education.  

If any of these apply to you, please call:  

  • You just want to see a therapist who will accept your lifestyle or orientation, so you can deal with other issues.
  • You are in a heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, or transgender relationship and you have hit a slump, or are incompatible.
  • You're in a polyamorous relationship.
  • You want to be in a polyamorous relationship, but your partner is scared or resistant.
  • You are striving for self-acceptance as a transgender person.   
  • You, or your partner, is "lousy in bed," or "over-sexed," or "under-sexed." 
  • You, or your partner, wants "kinky sex" or an "open relationship."
  • You are involved, or want to be involved, with bondage, domination, or sadomasochism. 
  • You, or someone you love, enjoys fetishes. 
  • You, or your partner, enjoys transvestism (cross-dressing). 
  • Your sex life feels out of control. 

          I understand that other therapists, or clergy, may have pathologized your sexual expression (in other words, told you that you're sick/abnormal). 

         I understand that you might NOT want to be changed, or "cured," because this is,
quite simply, your chosen style of sexual expression. 

Please, believe me when I say, I do not want to change you.

Exception to my non-judgmental and accepting stance:  pedophilia.    

It is against the law and I am a mandated reporter for child abuse, 
which includes sex with a minor.  I cannot be non-judgmental on this and
I MUST report you to the proper authorities.


Change your attitude, change your life.


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